• Call Waiting (Short Film)

    Call Waiting is a short film about suicide awareness and friendship. 2 best friends goes through a series of events and suffers in silence. Unknowingly, they rescue each other from suicide attempts and emotional hardship.
    "Could one call save a life?"

  • Breaking the stigma: ADHD in African Americans

    This documentary aims to educate and inform the public more about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and how this neurodevelopmental disorder impacts the lives of people with it way more than you may have originally thought. It affects basically all aspects of their lives in one way ...

  • Depression Among Black and Minority College Students

    This documentary is about depression among minorities and black college students and young adults and how they suffer and deal with depression in silence. They don’t think they can talk with anyone about what they’re going through or go to therapy because of the stigmas attached to it in those co...