Foreign Films

Foreign Films

Foreign Films
  • Pelícano

    Lucía is a sixty-year-old greedy mother who needs to feel young and attractive. She seeks only her own self-interest, regardless of who she betrays or uses. She betrays her daughter Rebeca by engaging in an affair with her unscrupulous son-in-law Octavio, whom Rebeca has just married. Upon learni...

  • Bromance

    Sometimes a friendship can crack under the most banal strain. Two burly men deal with such a loss in their own way - with a lot of strangely tender violence.

    Guided by a mysterious mentor, they finally reunite for one final round.

  • Kanarí

    Vala and Benni are on the road and struggle to find a mutual purpose in their new destination.

    A Columbia University Thesis film
    Produced in partial fulfilment of the MFA degree in Film at Columbia University School of the Arts.

  • Why Mosquitoes Don't Smile Much