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New Releases

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New Releases
  • A Ghastly Murder

    In the dark forbidding filthy cesspool streets of Victorian London, a killer is at large. The press dubbed him Jack the Ripper.
    This whodunit twist introduces new suspects to the frame in this black and white film noir. Could it possibly be the narcissistic Percy who is a member of the masons, ad...



    The team admits two local con artists into the group to join them to con Otumba Adeyeye Oyeleke, the CEO of West Transatlantic Oil, a rich tycoon, in a crude lifting deal. Since the inauguration of a new government, Otumba has been finding it difficult to lift oil because he openly supported the...

  • Naïve

    A married drugged his housemaid to have sex with her ,only to find out that she was HIV positive even though she was not.


    Once Upon A Time, The Great Ashanti Tribe And Guans In Ghana,Africa Went To War Because Of The Golden Horn.. Whoever Gets The Golden Horn Will Be Supreme Among All The Tribes, But The Prophecy Has It That Only The Chosing One Can Hold The Golden Horn.. Between The Prince Of The Ashantis And The G...

  • Moe's Vagina Talks

    Moe's Vagina Talks shares vagina experiences such as losing connections, regaining power, and living in our full potential though society has made the word vagina negative and deemed nasty. Our vagina has a story to tell and they are owed the time and safe place.
    In this documentary we will be do...